Nira Sadly, as brilliant as Jack could be, he was a terrible businessman and managed to run this one into the ground as he had other businesses before. Your guess is as good as mine. What other items do ohher buy after viewing this item? Waiting for the redirectiron Achieve anything you set your mind to with the ultimate step-by-step guide to relentless self-discipline! If your undoing yourself with energized meditation and other devices is legitimate, please message the mods. It is the most exacting, requiring the most integrity integrity is honesty turned inward: Additionally, transcendence has nothing to do with secret messages from the Psyche, secret orders, drug related experiences etc.

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Hyatt Do it every day! The reason that mystics and certain other psychologists are always "attacking" the ego is that the ego is the one mechanical circuit that suffers chronically from the illusion that it is non-mechanical and "free.

Mechanical reactions are the statistical norm; full conscious attention remains very rare. To correct our "pathology" we have military, police, psychologists, sociologists, university professors, physicians, priests, politicians and their ilk whose "soul" purpose is to mold us into productive agents for their employment, and allowing us to accumulate possessions which will be re-distributed through acts of violence and war. Freedom comes from the knowledge of the Orphic Mysteries.

Life oscillates between chaos and form. Try on a form, use it -- know it -- discard it. Then from chaos make a new form. Repeat the Cycles as often as possible and you will feel alive and free. Our sleeping brain is capable of anything and everything we wish. They are indications that you are sound asleep. You have something at stake each time you repeat these habitual phrases and comments. Find your patterned-machine like phrases which you use over and over again and hold so dearly.

Count the number of times you use them in a three day period, and then: STOP A requirement to perform your own work is the ability to look at yourself as you are -- not as you wish to be.

As an experimenter with your own LAB and subject s you are obligated to view things as clearly and tentatively as possible. There are levels of ability as an experimenter, and your results will become more valid as you progress up the scale.

Be conscious at all times of your uniqueness, that your LAB has something to contribute if you do your experiments. Most values, beliefs, opinions and behavior are the result of deep, preconscious fear and survival tension.

When we are not aware of the power that these primal feelings have over our lives, we develop secondary feelings of hate, greed and envy. As these are interpersonally unacceptable, we balance these powerful feelings with guilt [another word for fear turned to self-hate], internal deadness, blame, hostility, depression, superiority, and inferiority. These defenses are inadequate, outworn and destructive methods of coping with the primary animal instinct for survival.

Man, to Become more than Human, must fully recognize the power of these feelings before he can take appropriate measures to outgrow their influence. However, most humans tend to ignore their true motivations and instead re-label their fear and survival anxieties as duty, business, concern, love, help, protection, security, morality, obligation, patriotism, need, opinion, etc.

The result of this personal and inter-personal deceit is stagnation and turmoil. Never lose the awareness that you have the ability to re-program your own brain according to your will. Humans have the outrageous habit of believing that once a pattern is established it must remain. This is particularly true when it concerns our "sacred" personality and characteristics.

It is difficult for most of humanity to believe that how they feel, what they think, how they act, and what they believe is LEARNED, and there is nothing special or unique about them which is not contributed to by genetics and conditioning.

To repeat -- -- all that we hold sacred about ourselves is not of our own choosing, but rather a result of "chance". However, unlike other animals humans are capable of willing, choosing, creating an identity through the process of self-undoing and then reconstruction. Psychological studies have proven that tension is produced by happy experiences as well as depressing ones. Tension is a fact of life -- and not necessarily an unfortunate fact either.

Stresses and strains are not only an integral part of life, but they often appear as life itself. But to bring about the change in consciousness necessary to achieve self programming, we must use some powerful techniques to reduce tension. A still mind is needed for re-programming. This is a result of Meditation, though this may not have been the intent of the meditator.

Keep in mind your goal, together with the reasons for it: to free the body from the snares of the Mind, and to make the Mind a Slave to the Unconditioned Will. Notice how and where your thinking is experienced. Notice what motions and tensions exist in your face-neck-throat area. After you have completed this, "think" about something unpleasant and notice if there is any difference. Now try "thinking" about something pleasant and make the same notations.

Once you are thoroughly aware of this, attempt the following: Rather than feeling bad about our feelings of inadequacy we begin to realize that it is a sign of the unknown in life.

It simply means that you are preparing to feel open to the unknown and that you can function without having to predict or create the future compulsively. Being open to discovery and newness always implies the feeling of inadequacy which is quite different from being inadequate or worthless. Many of us spend much of our lives trying to control or prevent the unexpected.

Individuals who take on challenges inherently accept the possibility of failure and their feelings of doubt and inadequacy. However, many of us have been taught that we need to build a totally organized and predictable world in order for us to Be OK. The secret of Transcendence is not negation nor is it affirmation. What matters is that you transcend and by repetitive acts of transcendence, consciousness becomes transformed. Additionally, transcendence has nothing to do with secret messages from the Psyche, secret orders, drug related experiences etc.

It has to do with WORK. In other words, it is time to stop talking about Gods, messages, channels, etc. It is time to stop waiting and wondering and it is time to start acting and doing. On The Invocation of Eris: Chaos as Prerequisite to Change As we realize that we are our own greatest "works" of art as well as the co-artists of the world in which we reside, and exercise our talents, we give ourselves residence in the world of magic, happily juggling our self concepts along with our realities.

Occult magick, witchcraft and shamanism is concerned with the re-ordering of reality through the re-ordering of consciousness and the accessing of will. Through magickal practice and ritual the magickian aims to cultivate the consciousness necessary to manifest such change. Most occult practices presume a sympathetic model of the planet or universe--a web of life, if you like.

The idea that the basic energies can be manipulated is based on the realization that from a certain dimension or when in a more "sensitive" state of perception all things are interconnected--the paradoxical idea that we are One, yet Many. While in the reality-tunnel of our "normal" state of consciousness, we believe ourselves as autonomic, individual, and un-connected to the whole. The film Altered States depicts the protagonist, a scientist very loosely modeled on Dr. John Lilly, traveling backwards through his genetic memory as he experiments with sensory deprivation tanks combined with neuro-active chemicals.

He devolves into apeman, and further into an amorphous blob of pulsating energy--pure chaos. Where the film exaggerated real experiments by showing the protagonist actually change into an ape and eat the flesh of live animals at the zoo , the point it makes is relevant.

Real-life experiments conducted by Dr. Lilly suggested that it was possible to "visit" our selves in various states of evolution, but of course physical transformation did not occur. As we commit ourselves to a practice of magickal crucifictions, moving through processes of dis-identification and re-definition of our perceived selves and realities, our normal reality changes to a magickal reality, and we soon re-cognize that we are no-thing, everything, and something.

The WoMan who practices the art of reality shaping understands what Hassan I Sabbah meant when he said that "Nothing is true, everything is permissible. Your magick will work, so be certain that you want that which you will. Formal invokations should be memorized. Invoking Eris in your daily life will take some of the tedium out of mundane tasks and greatly speed up your passage into a magickal multiple FUN reality.

A good way to start is to break habits and replace them with new ones, then break the new habits and replace them, and so on. As you give your former "static" reality various Erisian jolts, continuously question your beliefs about the world, your ideas of yourself, your goals and desires.

Be brutally "honest" and beg your friends to do the same. Find out where you are and why; you can search your "soul" more effectively than any therapist. What is important is that you recognize the foundations, scaffolds, and walls of your "normal" reality; and demolish them and build anew.

To maintain residence in magickal reality keep turning the channel again and again and again. Other Devices Take any one pattern and change it. Yes, you might be doing something that is not enjoyable; but the idea is flexibility.

Our likes and dislikes change with time and with experience. What you may have disliked at one time may now be something that you enjoy--except that you never discover that because you never try it. Repeat the previous exercise with the same pattern many times. Initially it is likely that your superego will punish you for disobeying the internal law. It will put you in mental jail. But just keep doing it until your internal cop shuts up.

When you can do it at will with no self-recrimination and no guilt, then you can see if, in fact, you are not rather enjoying it. Take another pattern and do the previous exercises again. The more times you do this with more set patterns, the more you will free yourself. Find any building preferably one with at least 10 floors and ride up and down the elevator. Each time someone gets in, start a conversation. A good icebreaker is, "How has your day been going so far?

There is, however, one forbidden topic: that is, to talk about children. That is too easy. Challenge yourself. Undo that punishing superego. Change your church habit. If you usually attend a particular church, go to another one.

If you never go to church, go to a different church each week for several weeks. When doing any of these exercises and in doing them with any particular thing or way , there are two good indicators that you are on the right path.

One indicator is guilt, shame, or disapproval.



Who hates Undoing? Stuffed-shirt academicians, do-nothing sweetness-and-light practitioners of cosmic foo-foo, and would-be slave-owners everywhere. On the other hand, if you are interested in actually accomplishing something, you will love it. Customer Book Reviews Not your typical fluffy new age self-help book. Church on Apr 30, No book on meditation does any good, of course, unless you do the meditations themselves.


Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation and Other Devices

Several oriental philosophies from Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen are used to demonstrate the process of knowing oneself. Like most works by Hyatt a lot of people will be put off. Jan 12, Aaron Schafer rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Apr 11, Andy Raptis rated it it was amazing. In the mid to late s Hyatt and Jack attempted to work together with an eye toward writing several books, including one about the techniques they had learned from Regardie.


Undoing Yourself: With Energized Meditation and Other Devices

After reading the preface I knew I had struck gold. My wife and I have begun doing the exercises together and our world is definitely changing. Hyatt is funny, sarcastic, mean, lighthearted, serious, inviting and knowledgeable all in a way that makes you feel like you are hanging out with your genius hippy uncle. Methods of meditation, thinking and realizing are discussed in detail.


Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Other Devices


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