Troll Bridge The air blew off the mountains, filling the air with fine ice crystals. It was too cold to snow. In weather like this wolves came down into villages, trees in the heart of the forest exploded when they froze. In weather like this right-thinking people were indoors, in front of the fire, telling stories about heroes. It was an old horse.

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Based on the short story by Terry Pratchett, this fan film tells the tale of an ageing hero at the end of his days who wants one last glorious fight with a troll.

These are being delivered by a volunteer crew of old hands and newer artists, who also work together on over other tasks, running the full length of the pipeline from plate prep to comp.

A regular production is a very planned effort, much like an orchestra performing a symphony. When the director is ready to look at a new shot, we create an assembly comp that just bolts the required elements into an empty skeleton.

Small houses tend to be very time sensitive, often with clients on the phone before the drives have arrived. Our team use Nuke on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

When we render out their work, it matches what they created and the director signed off on. But the transition was really straightforward. The different layouts were built very clearly, both easy to understand and easy to use.

I liked the way of tweaking keys in the graph editor and timeline. And the marker system saved me a lot of time. On 9 it was good animating Mica the Troll, but when version 10 came out, it was amazing. Especially the Cache Deformer, which caches your animation inside the scene and plays it back in real time - that saved a lot of time.

And the stability has been great - I could just do my work, without worrying about anything. So it became really great and easy to work with. But once you do We all give our best in our roles, and we know that the better we do our part, the better the end result will be. The Troll Bridge team are still looking for volunteers, particularly Nuke artists to help finish off shots.


Troll Bridge film released to backers



Troll Bridge World Premiere!


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