En de aandacht trekken van het chique, kritische publiek is niet eenvoudig. Zowel voor als na het optreden wil je jouw boodschap in de kijker spelen. De Samsung SyncMaster MX-2 is een krachtig scherm: een echte blikvanger die heldere en levensgrote beelden produceert. Het scherm beschikt over full HD en een ingebouwde netwerkmodule en kan op talloze manieren worden uitgebreid.

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Page 2: Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Notational Note These safety instructions must be followed to ensure your safety and prevent property dam- age. Page 3 Safety Instructions Do not touch the power plug with wet hands when removing or plugging the plug into the Page 4 Safety Instructions Ensure that at least two persons lift and move the product. Page 5 Safety Instructions Ensure that the packaging vinyl is kept away from children.

Page 6 Safety Instructions Others The product is a high voltage product. Do not disassemble, re- pair or modify the product Page 7 Safety Instructions Do not insert any metal, such as chopsticks, coins, pins and steel, or flammable objects, such as Page 8 Safety Instructions Do not place any heavy items or toys or confectionery, such as cookies etc.

Page 9 Safety Instructions Keep the small accessories in a location out of the reach of children. Be careful when adjusting Page 16 Introduction Note To use MagicInfo, the network box specified separately by Samsung must be installed in- side the product and Page 17 Introduction To lock the product, follow these steps: 1. Wrap the Kensington lock cable around a large, stationary object Press the button to change the input signal Note Enabled when a Page 22 Introduction 1 2 1.

The product can be tilted up to 15 degrees from a vertical wall. Page 23 Introduction 2. Page 29 Introduction 4. Remove safety pin 3 and insert the 4 product holders into the corresponding bracket holes 1.

Page 30 Introduction Make sure to use the top center, and not the left or the right side of the product Page Connections Connections Connecting a Computer The color and the appearance may differ depending on the product, and the specifications are subject Page 41 Connections Using the D-sub Digital connector on the video card.

Page 43 Connections 2. Page 46 Connections Connecting to an Audio System 1. Page 47 Connections Turn on the power switch. Page 50 Using the Software Note This monitor driver is certified by Microsoft, and installing it will not damage your system Page 51 Using the Software If the message "Windows needs Page 52 Using the Software 9.

Select the model that matches your monitor from the list of monitor models on the Page 53 Using the Software 1. Page 54 Using the Software 7. Page 55 Using the Software Monitor driver installation is completed. Page 57 Using the Software 5. Set a Keyboard for your computer. The next screen is for setting your monitor Page 59 What is MDC? Multiple display control "MDC" is an application that allows you to easily control multiple display devices simultaneously Page 61 Connection Management Connection management includes the Connection list and Connection list modification options.

Connection list — Connection list shows the Page 65 z If the connection is established via Ethernet, enter the IP that was entered for the display device. Page 67 Menus You can power on or off a selected device or change the input source or volume of the device Page 69 Screen Adjustment The screen settings contrast, brightness, etc. Choose display devices from the list of sets, and Gamma Control Change the gamma value for the Page 71 Size Picture Size Adjust the screen size for the selected display device.

The Detail item will be disabled if Picture Page 72 Sound Adjustment You can change the sound settings. Choose display devices from the list of sets, and select the Sound Page 73 System Setup Choose display devices from the list of sets, and select the System tab.

Video Wall The Video Wall Page 74 H Select the number of horizontal display devices. A maximum of 15 displays can be arranged in a row. Available only in PC mode. Auto Power Set the product to Page 77 Security Safety Lock Lock the on-screen menus.

To unlock the menus, set Safety Lock to Off. Button Lock Lock the Page 80 Screen Burn Protection Pixel Shift Move the screen slightly at specified time intervals to prevent screen burn-in. Screen Saver This Page 81 The Safety Screen function can be used to prevent screen burn-in when a stationary image displays on the screen of Page 82 2 Reset Reset Picture Reset the screen settings. Reset Sound Reset the sound settings. Reset System Reset the system settings An arrow will appear Duplicate group names cannot Page 85 The Add on the same level button is enabled only if at least one group is created.

Page 87 3 Click Add below the Device Group item, and select the group you want to add a schedule to. Check the connection of the RSC cable check that Page 89 How display properties are shown when multiple displays are used 1 When no display is selected: The default value is Page 91 Adjusting the LCD Display However, the picture may not display normally if you select an input source different from Secondary Source Specify Secondary Source for the Information Recommended for communicating exact information e.

Advertisement Recommended for displaying Color Tone Note Color Temp. By changing the resolution in the Note The Tint slider is only displayed Color Adjusts the picture Color. Tint Adds a natural tone The Digital Noise Note Not available Movie Selects Movie when viewing movies High 2. A number of screens can be selected Five adjustment levels: 0, 1, 2, Pixel This Auto Color Automatically adjusts the Colors. Reset Resets OSD Display Page Adjusting the LCD Display When using multiple languages, you can choose and set a specific language among them.

Note If the MagicInfo icon Contact a Service Center for problems Page Troubleshooting Q: The screen Color is inconsistent. Page Troubleshooting A: Check if a special fluorescent or neon lamp is on in the vicinity. It can be used in all Page Specifications izontal Cycle is called the Horizontal Frequency. Unit: kHz Vertical Frequency Like a fluorescent lamp, the screen has


Samsung SyncMaster 400MX Specs



Samsung SyncMaster 400MX Specs


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