She was the younger sister of Madrinha Rita, and the mother of six children. He worked as a seringueiro, or rubber tapper, and later as a farmer. He was a black man with notably white teeth. The hymns can be seen as integral to the ritual, the transformation, and the revealed messages as each person hinzrio them. She is thought to have been born 25 June in Rio Grande do Norte. She led a spiritual community in Lumiar, a mountain village two hours from Rio de Janeiro until her passage in working in two worlds spiritual madrinhaa physical and two doctrines Daimista and Umbandista.

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Super feliz de poder estar aqui hoje apresentando um dos meus ultimos trabalhos. Espero que a senhora goste muito, feito com muito amor. Embaixo do audio, encontram a galeria de imagens. She sent it. Super happy to be here today presenting one of my last works. Asking for your blessing Godmother!

I hope you like it very much, made with lots of love. They will also see that there are some parts where instead of space the words are joined with -, and to show up where the accent phrase goes. It is made so as not to have to change sheet in the middle of the hymn … within the possible. Big letter for those who are half blind and also honoring those trees that gave their life to be able to have this paper where we print the notebook.

The blank sheets at the end, it is for in future to be able to update the notebook with the new hymns that arrive. I would love corrections if they find errors or suggestions. Eternal gratitude to Santo Daime! Sono felice di essere qui oggi a presentare uno dei miei ultimi lavori. Chiedendo la tua benedizione Madrina!

Caratteri grandi per coloro che siamo mezzi ciechi e onorando anche quegli alberi che hanno dato la vita per poter avere questo foglio dove stampiamo il quaderno.

Mi piacerebbe correzioni se trovate errori o suggerimenti. Eterna gratitudine a Santo Daime! Super blij dat ik hier vandaag een van mijn laatste werken presenteer.

Vragen om je zegenend meter! Ik hoop dat je het erg leuk vindt, gemaakt met veel liefde. Ze zullen ook zien dat er sommige delen zijn waar in plaats van ruimte de woorden samengevoegd worden met -, en om te laten zien waar de accentzin terechtkomt.

Het is zo gemaakt dat er geen blad hoeft te veranderen in het midden van de hymne … binnen het mogelijke. Grote letter voor degenen die half blind zijn en ook die bomen eren die hun leven hebben gegeven om dit papier te hebben waar we het schrift drukken. De lege bladen aan het einde, het is voor in de toekomst in staat zijn om de notebook te updaten met de nieuwe hymnes die aankomen. Ik zou graag correcties ontvangen als ze fouten of suggesties vinden.

Eeuwige dankbaarheid aan Santo Daime!


Madrinha Nonata – Presença transparente do Beija-flor mp3 PDf cifras PICBOOK #SantoDaime



#SantoDaime Novo hino Madrinha Nonata N.21 Mãezinha do amor


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