QuickTime and the QuickTime logo are trademarks or registered. The Limix monitor The camera is charging for flash recording. Aerial Photo Mode When you turn the camera on, Checking the clock setting the following screen appears. Dec 31, bloomberg. The File system which was established by picture data on the card appears when a the Japan Electronics and Information Buffer lumx for RAW shooting in burst mode frames: Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. Troubleshooting Others Troubleshooting If you put the menu back to the settings at the time of purchase, the conditions may be improved.

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Also new is Venus Engine IV, promising better image quality and more sophisticated noise reduction. Click through for the full story. The CCD has been upgraded to The high-performance image-processing LSI has now entered its fourth generation with the Venus Engine IV, assuring higher-quality pictures with an advanced signal processing system.

Mega O. The Intelligent Scene Selector sets the appropriate scene mode by automatically selecting it from the most frequently used scene modes, such as Portrait, Scenery, Macro, Night Portrait and Night Scenery, whilst the Face Detection system detects a human face and automatically sets the focus and exposure for the best possible picture.

The Quick AF system allows the camera to detect and start focusing on the subject even without pressing the shutter button halfway, ensuring you get the best results from every shooting opportunity by minimizing the AF time.

Once you enter iA mode, these multi-capable functions happen automatically so you can shoot without the bother of adjusting settings every time conditions change, allowing you to enjoy easy, trouble-free shooting in any situation and get the satisfaction that comes with capturing clear, beautiful images. Advanced lens unit delivers an exceptional optical performance The Furthermore, in 3-megapixel resolution mode, the Extra Optical Zoom function provides additional magnification, extending the zoom power to 8.

The Easy Zoom feature shifts the lens instantly to full 5x optical zoom power at the touch of a dedicated button, and with a second touch, the zoom ratio is further extended to 8. In addition, the newly adopted iris diaphragm allows the camera to have a manual control. When the lens is shifted back to the wide-end, the picture size is set to the original size automatically.

The original size is maintained for photos smaller than 3 megapixels. Great Photography with Intelligent Auto Mode Panasonic incorporated the iA Intelligent Auto mode into its compact cameras in pursuit of the ultimate ease of operation and the reduction of misshots. Both image stabilizing technologies have been further advanced in detection accuracy and correction effect thanks to the new image-processing LSI, Venus Engine IV.

In addition to these two key anti-blurring technologies, Panasonic continues to pursue the idea that anyone at any technical level of photography should be able to take beautiful pictures with ease, by incorporating the Intelligent Auto mode. The Face Detection system helps the camera to recognize human faces and to focus and set the exposure automatically. Up to 15 faces can be recognized simultaneously. The Quick AF system allows the camera to keep focusing on the subject even without pressing the shutter button halfway, to get the best results from every shooting opportunity by minimizing the AF time.

These multi-capable functions happen automatically, so you can shoot without the bother of adjusting settings every time conditions change - the powerful Intelligent Auto Mode does all the work for you, so that you can enjoy easy, trouble-free shooting in any situation and get the satisfaction that comes with capturing clear, beautiful images. Parallel noise reduction in both luminance signal and chromatic signal processing systems, a technology established by the preceding Venus Engine III, gains a more sophisticated process.

First, the luminance noise is two-dimensionally separated into high-frequency and low-frequency noises and only the low-frequency noise, which tends to be conspicuous, is eliminated without affecting the high-frequency noise that greatly influences resolution. Second, the information of the change point between colours is minutely stored for precise determination of edges, thus colour bleeding is dramatically suppressed.

This not only produces a clearer image in high ISO sensitivity recording, but also faithfully reproduces details in low-lit areas of pictures taken at low ISO sensitivity. The multi-task image-processing engine, Venus Engine IV also supports a super-fast response time. The shutter release time lag is as short as 0. The number of shots depends on the memory card size, battery life, image size and image compression mode. Together with the powerful 5x optical zoom, this function helps the photographer take more creative control.

Another additional function that broadens the fun of photography is an Advanced Scene Mode that provides the users with more control over some frequently-used scene modes; Portrait, Sports, Landscape and Night portrait. Alternatively, you can simply select the original mode or select Creative mode which adds manual controls over an aperture or a shutter speed to the optimized setting of the mode. Detecting the lighting condition precisely and automatically controlling the brightness with a total of 12 steps, this function gives the display the most appropriate clarity in any situation without using extra energy.

These two cameras also feature the High Angle mode makes the LCD screen extremely easy to view from below, for example, when holding the camera up high to take pictures over a crowd. Exciting Options to Expand the Fun of Photography Lumix cameras offer a wide variety of options to expand fun of photography. Simply select the pictures you want to show and choose the music that best matches your selection from natural, slow, urban or swing. All Lumix cameras can take x pixel high-definition quality photos that are ideal for full-screen viewing on a wide-screen Panasonic Viera TV with internal SD card slot.

This helps the photographer to instantly switch between recording and playback modes. The GUI Graphic User Interface has been upgraded to look more futuristic in terms of design and colour while maintaining the visibility of characters. This information, can be stamped on photos with the Text Stamp function and can be useful when making a photo album.

A total of 18 scene modes and Advanced Scene Mode help you to take more beautiful pictures in a wide range of situations. A newly added speaker lets you enjoy the slide show with music or a motion picture with voice on the high resolution LCD of the camera. All the major features mentioned above can be easily and quickly understood with the newly installed slideshow programme, Demo mode.


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