The story just got to me It was sweet, full of sexual tension and loads of sexual teasing! LOL ;p And it was funny as hell. I found myself laughing out loud on so many occasions Angel is a 20 year old woman who has been in love with Alex Harrison her whole life but she is ultra-shy and doesnt The Cowboy and The Angel Book 1 This was the second book I read by Lietha Wards and I have to say I was completely blown away! She was so sweet and so innocent

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She was the only one who could get away with it. He sighed heavily. You forget, I am a lawyer. Who is he? This is catastrophic. Red held up his hands in surrender. He signs your paychecks, not me. Margo shot her a sly look. Angel glared at her accusingly. Margo, being the mothering type she was, would spare no efforts at setting him up on a date.

Angel took a deep breath. Alex has watched you grow up. The thought of Alex touching her made her tingle again. Margo grinned slyly, then returned her attention to her computer. After he was done, he grabbed her hand mirror and showed her the intricate design at the back of her head. There was no doubt he was an artist. When he was done, he wished her good luck, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and left shortly thereafter. She even loaned her a white faux fur stole that seemed to be a perfect match for her gown.

Good luck, Angel. Although she had made a few comments about how good she looked in her own crimson form-fitting satin number, she still took time to make her feel good about herself. One thing Pricilla never did was criticize her or her abilities—if anything, she encouraged her. She grabbed the stole and hurried out the door in a billow of royal blue.

Her heart was already hammering in her chest, and when she caught sight of Alex, she swore she stopped breathing. If she thought he would be surprised, she was even more so. Seeing that handsome cowboy in a tuxedo nearly made her trip down the steps. About cattle, no less. He and Alex were always sharing discussions on the best feed, breeds, and bulls.

Feeling a little disappointed, she started down the stairs. Then Alex looked up at her, and she felt her insides melt as he smiled. It was a genuine, appreciative smile, and his eyes roved sensuously over her body, making her breath freeze in her throat. George excused himself, but neither of them heard him. Alex approached the bottom of the stairs and held out his hand. He let out a long, slow whistle that she was sure she felt all the way through flesh and bone.

Did he really mean that? Not only that, I want to show you off. He managed to steady her with his arm while releasing another soft chuckle. He led her out to his Jaguar, and then opened the door to help her in before he climbed in and started the car. It came in a look, a nod, a smile of appreciation, or a blatant invitation, but she only had eyes for one man: the cowboy sitting next to her in the car.


The Cowboy and the Angel ~ Chapter 11

Free ebook.. Results 1 - 17 of Buy lietha wards Books at Indigo. Shop amongst This is the second book in the "Angel and the Cowboy" series. Priscilla was a Latest releases, complete


Books by Lietha Wards

Angel cast her sister a disapproving look and plopped herself on the taupe suede sofa in the study. A strand of brunette hair had escaped her tight bun, and she tucked it back behind her ear. She looked up at her sister, who was pacing impatiently about the room, her slinky, calf-length black dress swirling about her elegant legs. Her eyes narrowed. All Priscilla ever thought of was herself, and although she loved her older sister, it got tiring after a while. I have a paper due next week.

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