Hardback with dust jacket in good condition. The clients are only interested that the products do what they expect them to do, nothing else. Really well done story for a business book. They had a broad line of products like commas, apostrophes, periods, dashes, brackets, etc. Ex-library with the usual stamps.

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The book was written by John Guaspari and published in I had to order it through a private bookstore that had it ordered for me. The book can be ordered from Amazon using this link.

I hope that the summary does not have too many quality defects punctuation errors : Alex Punctuation Inc. They had a broad line of products like commas, apostrophes, periods, dashes, brackets, etc. All their clients were thrilled by the changes that the Punctuation Inc. Punctuation Inc. Their competition was just imitating their products without being able to match the innovation, design and genius of the Punctuation Inc.

In time, more and more competitors appeared on the market. Some of them were specialized like Excite Inc. These companies and their products would be popular for a while but disappear eventually leaving Punctuation Inc. This did not happen however as Process Inc. He did some market research by checking if clients buy in stores Punctuation Inc.

He found out that the clients prefer the Process Inc. He and his staff have always done high quality work and always cared a lot about the quality of their products. He organized a meeting with all his staff. That was to try harder and do better. They did not quite understand how to do better and were puzzled on "try harder".

The result of the meeting was that the morale of Punctuation Inc. The quality problem was of course related to the defects found in the Punctuation Inc. Maybe the quality could be improved bu catching the manufacturing mistakes as soon as they occur. In order to do this, lots of product inspections would be needed and lots of new workers to be hired inspectors.

The plan was to have 1 inspector for every worker from the manufacturing department. The quality of the products will be overpowered with more inspections! So this is what they did. The results of the new change were still negative. The market share went down further, same the company profits and the morale.

The managers of the manufacturing and inspections department were blaming each other for the low quality. Nobody was assuming any responsibility for quality. After much thinking, he arrived to some conclusions. The first one was that quality was a matter of survival.

The second conclusion was that Try Harder, Do Better was not the answer and the same for more inspections. The only thing that more inspections did was to increase the number of defects.

The last conclusion was that the only thing left to change was the system. More time passed. The new mindset would replace the inspection with prevention. The new mindset change happened by keeping all existing employees, both the manufacturing workers and the inspectors. Who is in a better position to figure out how to prevent defects than people who are highly skilled at spotting defects, than the people who know the process that caused the defects?

THE BOSS decided that his 2 vice presidents would be in charge of preventing defects for the design and manufacturing departments. Everybody was very happy for a while expecting that all quality problems are gone Until one day when a client came to the Punctuation Inc. THE BOSS asked his vice presidents to explain these product defects, The VPs blamed each other as follows: the VP of design prevention said that all issues are related to manufacturing and the VP of manufacturing prevention said that all issues are related to design : These 2 VPs and their departments did not work together at all.

They did implement so many changes that were supposed to help but none of them really helped. How was it possible that there were still quality problems after so many initiatives? The Punctuation Inc. How could the clients still say that the quality was not good? The clients are only interested that the products do what they expect them to do, nothing else.

The clients are the only ones entitled to rely on their intuition when it comes to knowing what quality is. The clients pay Punctuation Inc. This is the end of the story.


A fable about quality - I know it when I see it (John Guaspari)

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A succinct and intriguing business fable, it tells the story of Punctuation, Inc. The story shows how business people who pay close attention to what kind of quality their customers want, will also find just what their company wants success and big profits. This new paperback edition features the delightful illustrations that helped make the German translation a huge hit. In a fable about Punctuation Inc.

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