While the council has not given any reason for the move, the decision is being questioned by noted poets. Gerry Arathoon, Secretary and Chief Executive of the council, refused to comment on the reasons behind the move. It was also not clear whether the decision has been taken for only and academic sessions or will be reversed later. After a clearance from the forest department, the request lands up with the culture department since the person involved was a poet, who then passes it to the foreign affairs department as the tree was planted by the prime minister of a neighbouring country.

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Secretary and Chief Executive of the council, Gerry Arathoon, refused to comment on the reason. Also, it is not clear whether the decision will be reversed later, or has been taken for only and academic sessions. Jamun Ka Ped was written in the s, and is a satire on bureaucratic red tape. It traces the story of a well-known poet getting trapped under a Jamun tree after a thunderstorm, in the lawns of a secretariat building.

For the poet to be rescued, the tree needs to be cut. However, the buck keeps on passing from a gardener who reports the issue to a peon, who then takes it to the clerk, after which it finally reaches the building superintendent. The Prime Minister, however, is on a foreign trip. When the Prime Minister returns, the request is placed before him and he gives permission to cut the tree and save the man. It is a satire on how those running our country do not value human life enough.

It talks extensively about bureaucratic red tape. Had it been in the syllabus of students who are too young to understand the story, the step could still be justified. According to Veteran Hindi poet Ashok Chakradhar, the students are mature enough to understand the satire. This situation is like removing a mirror from your house instead of fixing your face.

The students who now study complex mathematical and scientific problems in schools are aware of what is happening is establishment. How files get stuck in the red tape of the system for years.


ICSE Drops ''Jamun Ka Ped'', A Satire On Bureaucratic Red Tape From Class 10 Syllabus

A jamun tree fell in the lawn of the secretariat. When the gardener saw it in the morning, he found that a man was pinned down under the tree. The gardener rushed to the peon; the peon rushed to the clerk; the clerk rushed to the superintendent; and the superintendent rushed to the lawn outside. Within minutes a throng gathered around the man pinned down under the tree.


जामुन का पेड़



जामुन का पेड़- एक अनूठी कहानी


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