Vudoran I received my first one in about two weeks, but that was a couple years ago. How to Build Garden Furniture 1 reply. Iturra Bandrollers for the bandsaw. Iturra catalog here https: I called twice and was told they were a little behind filling catalogue requests, however, three months and waiting is ridiculous.

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Najin Recliners and hardwood floors Seconding Jack on getting an Iturra catalog. Muskwa March 15, at 2: Maybe a good set of cool blocks is all I need. Tough for him to compete on price for blades though. I probably spent too much for catzlog I got, but I knew the money was needed, so I happily paid her asking catallg. On Mon, 22 Feb This is a good thing. The first lesson we learn from Louis is that honesty and truth are the most important things in marketing: You must be signed in to reply.

I spent an hour one day checking it over to see what I would need to do to it to get it back in working condition. Iturra can take a long time to get you a catalog. Having difficulties reading project plans? I find Lie-Nielsen puts out very few catalogs, but their website is excellent and you can order online.

New online wood cutting planning tool available. Thanks for the tip. Tablesaw horsepower question contractor vs cabinet. Owners of the venerable old made-in-U. If so, it probably belongs in your marketing deliverables. I keep one right by my easy chair and have enjoyed reading it many times. How do you get help from FWW with a website issue? As nice as Agazzanis are or were, they were also the least robust of any of the Italian saws, yet people talk about them as if each one was hand-forged by a golden unicorn or something.

By then I had already done all of the improvements through other sources, so the paper went to the recycling bin. You are commenting using your Twitter account. SpaceAge Ceramics Barrel others may chime in with better info. Building better products, being honest, showing what you know, and showing enthusiasm are the ways Louis Iturra has built his business and created a unique niche in his field.

Using hand tools only, how do you dseign several boards to equal length cleanly without splinters or saw marks 5 replies. Contribute to the discussion! I imagine its costly to mail a catalogue by itself. I noted both desin had been balanced, which was good, but there were several things I thought I could do to improve performance. Their service is not the best but the quality of the components is worth the wait.

This forum is for all the woodturners out there. Email required Address never made public. So I called and had them send me a catalog. I should mention at this point that Louis Iturra is still a bit old-school, when it comes to his business.

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Iturra Design

In addition to selling great products, Louis is obsessive about providing intensely detailed and informative descriptions and instructions for every product in his catalog. Mason and Sullivan Clock Kits Available 5 replies. Looking for a rare block of wood Originally Posted by Jeff Willard. Seems a little harsh but I can understand the cost iturra design catalog on a small business so I say give him credit for what he does and the help he gives to people that iturra design catalog in. Send him a request for a iturra design catalog, attached to a ten dollar bill. Woodworking Sander Wanted at Fodera Guitars 1 reply. Louis helps these owners upgrade the weak points of these machines with ingeniously designed products, most of iturra design catalog Louis designs and makes himself.

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Niran Seconding Jack on getting an Iturra catalog. The spoon is Missouri black walnut from the family farm, which my dad really appreciates. Thats odd, it doesnt work for me. They arrive in a very short time and there is always a new catalog in the box, so I guess you have to know what you want before you make that first order. He laughed, and said that he sends them if you order something as I recall. Inca Table saw and Bandsaw for bandaw 4 replies.



This forum is for scrollsawers: They were the smallest of any of the Italian mfrs. Thanks all for all your comments. On Mon, 22 Feb Poitras Model band saw adjustment. Please cataolg in using one of these methods to post your comment: Having difficulties reading project plans?



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