The goings on of a young adult lit writer. Wednesday, March 20, Placeholders!! Part Deux Oh placeholders, you tricky devils. The placeholder might actually be standing in for an emotional moment within the manuscript. Before I go on to an example, let me say this one caveat: I recognize that when you are drafting, if you spend too much time refining language, you might turn on your inner censor.

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I release you, Lenah Beaudonte. Believe and be free. Those were the last words I could remember. But they were formless, said by someone whose voice I did not recognize. It could have been ages ago. When I awoke, I immediately felt a cold surface on my left cheek. An icy shiver rushed down my spine. Even with my eyes closed, I knew I was naked, stomach down on a hardwood floor. I gasped though my throat was so dry I made an unearthly animal sound.

Three heaving breaths then a thump-thump, thump-thump - a heart beat. My heartbeat? It could have been ten thousand fluttering wings. I tried to open my eyes but with each blink there was a flash of blinding light. Then another. And another. He had to be here. There would be no world without Rhode. I writhed on the floor, covering my body with my hands. Understand that I am not the type of person to find herself naked and alone especially in a situation where sunlight shines down on her body.

Yet, there I was, bathed in yellow light, sure that I was moments away from a painful, fiery death - I had to be. Soon flames would erupt from within my soul and turn me into dust. Only, nothing happened. No flames or imminent death. There was only the smell of the oak in the floor.

I swallowed and the muscles in my throat contracted. My mouth was wet with My chest rested on the floor. I pressed down on my palms and craned my neck to look at the source of my torment. Luminous daylight streamed into a bedroom from a large bay window. The sky was a sapphire blue, no clouds. I was so thirsty. A door somewhere near me opened and closed. I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. My God - was I breathing?

Rhode loomed over me but he was a blur. He leaned forward so his hazy features were within inches of my face. Then there he was, as though coming out of a mist, looking as I had never seen him before. His usually full and proud chin was now a thin point. But the blue of his eyes - they were the same. Even in the haze of that moment they pierced me, down to my soul.

Despite black bruises that ringed his eyes, a twinkle, from somewhere deep within looked back at me. I sat up, took it from him and finished it in three large gulps.

The cold water trickled down the back of my throat, flowed down my esophagus and into my stomach. Blood, a substance I was used to, trickled, but its absorption into the vampire body was a lot like a sponge soaking up liquid. When I took it from him, the cloth cascaded out to reveal a black dress.

It was lightweight cotton. I pressed up from the floor and stood up. My knees buckled but I steadied myself by throwing my arms out to balance. I stood there for a moment, until I was firmly planted to the ground. When I tried to walk, a small vibration shook me so hard that my knees touched.

I should have noticed that he had to hold onto the doorframe when he walked but my knees and thighs trembled and I had to try and find my balance again.

I let my hands fall back to my sides. My brown hair unfurled and like seaweed, strands stuck to my naked body. Longer strands reached my breasts. I would have given anything for a mirror. I took a few breaths and my knees wobbled again. I looked around for a corset but there was nothing. How curious! Was I meant to walk around this place with nothing to hold me in? I slid the dress over my head and it stopped right above my knees. Beams of light trickled minute rainbows across my feet.

I looked around the room. Despite waking up on the floor, there was a mattress in an iron bed frame covered by a black comforter. Across the room a bay window looked out at full leaves and swaying branches. Beneath the window was a seat covered in blue, plush pillows.

The wood was layered and I felt the raised and jagged parts under my smooth fingertips. My existence as a vampire meant that all my nerve endings were dead. Only by remembering what things felt like as a human would my vampire mind understand whether I was touching something soft or hard. The only senses a vampire retained were those that heightened her ability to kill; the sense of smell was linked to flesh and blood, sight was super sight, detailed down to the minutiae, its sole purpose to find prey within an instant.

My fingers fluttered over the wall again - another rush of shivers rolled up my arms. My heartbeat echoed in my ears. I could taste the air. As I walked the muscles in my thighs and calves seemed to burn, twitch and then relax.

In order to stop shaking, I rested my body weight on the doorway and crossed my hands over my chest. His black hair, which reached halfway down his back the last time I saw him, had been cut short and now stood up in a spiky hairstyle. Around his right wrist was a white, medical bandage. Rhode gripped a side table and lowered himself into a crimson colored lounge seat. I sat down on a pale blue couch that faced the lounger.

His usual golden skin had yellowed. His arms quivered as he lowered himself into the chair, holding onto it until he was almost fully sitting down. Rhode leaned his head back onto the chair. He gripped the armrests and I noticed that the rings that had once adorned his fingers were now gone. The curling black snake with emerald eyes, the poison ring for emergencies which meant it was always filled with blood were missing.

Only one ring remained on his pinky finger. My ring. The ring that I had worn for years. Only then did I notice that own hands were bare. It was a tiny silver band with a dark, black stone -- onyx.

I believed him. Besides, up until that moment, I was confident no vampire enjoyed creating death more than I did. I tried to avoid his gaze. I nodded once in acknowledgement though I looked at the lines in the hardwood floor. Not yet. I wanted it too much. The last interaction I had with Rhode, before waking up in that bedroom was about my desire to be human. We had an argument; one that I thought would last for centuries.

It did, in a way, the argument had happened a century before that moment. I had to look away again. Vampires as they move into the maturity of their existence become so ethereal in appearance that it is nearly impossible to guess their age.


Infinite Days...

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel 9. Clever… clever… uniquely clever… this book is such a surprise. Imagine being a vampire and wishing to be human. Imagine living on this earth for hundreds of years as a murdering killing machine.


Infinite Days (Vampire Queen Series #1)

The story of a teen who used to be a mean year old vampire isn? Why would she want to be a human again and how will things work out for her as a human teenager? Then we learn of her reason for wanting to become human again. In Maizel? Enter Rhode.


Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel



Infinite Days


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