Standard Lag Screw Patient positioning Patient is placed supine on a fracture table with unaffected limb extended below the affected limb and trunk. The affected limb is adducted. Apply traction through a skeletal traction pin or with the fracture table foot holder. Adjust the affected limb for length and rotation by comparison with the unaffected limb. This is best checked by visualizing the femoral anteversion proximally and matching it with correct rotation at the knee.

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Begin reaming with the 9. Techniqye Reamer Heads Cat No. Additional steps are removed by using the 3 in 1 Lag Screw Inserter that places the Lag Screw and Sleeve and compresses the Lag Screw all in one instrument. We are dedicated to developing products, service. Image intensifier imgs Warning. To help prevent sliding, tighten the Set Screw to two clicks with the T-Handle in the parallel position.

The extremity is prepped and draped. Abduction and internal rotation of the hip allows unimpeded flouroscopic imaging. Attach the appropriate length screw to the Short Hexdriver, connect the T-Handle and insert the screw until it is seated. Proximal Femur Total Femur.

No Trinkle Mini Connector Cat. Example If the measured length was 95mm and a mm screw was selected, the Compression Surgifal on the Insertion Wrench must be set to 5. If the nail fails to advance adequately, use biplanar imaging of the nail tip and the fracture zone to identify the source of the impingement.

Product Description 4 3. Dedicated instruments for reconstructive foot surgery. Universal system Modular packaging maximizes screw options Low-profile design More information. HN Compression Dial Cat. Noand Guide Bolt Wrench Cat. Ruecker, MD Thomas A. To measure the length of the implant needed, ensure that the distal tip of the Ball-Tip Guide Rod is located at the desired position of the distal tip of the nail.

Other new features A more anatomical 2. All nails can be dynamically or statically locked. Canal preparation long nail Proceed to sequentially ream over the Ball-Tip Guide Rod through the Tissue Protector using the reamers contained in the set.

Both static proximal and dynamic distal locking options are available through the Drill Guide. IMHS CP retains the clinically proven features of the original design while adding new features to simplify the procedure and provide more options for the surgeon to treat the indication that presents. If a long nail is being implanted, it will be necessary to measure for nail length. Our strategy has been to know. Technical Details More information. For fixation of fractures where the medullary canal is narrow or flexibility of the implant is paramount.

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Doum Designed to provide stable internal fixation. Regardless of the origin of the equipment, documentation provided or identification appearing upon the equipment, the equipment described and offered here is in no way certified for, recommended for, or offered for any specific use. Learn more — opens in new window or tab. Compression can be achieved by turning the gold knob on the Imus Dial clockwise.


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