Akinolabar Deviation spread in counts is Weight: Fasten it to the rear panel with the two screws Here is how to cancel out the effect of residuals with the offset adjustment: For storing the desired control settings in the memory, proceed as follows: Rack Flange and Front Handle Kit. Note Options other than those illustrated are not displayed. Note If s terminal is grounded, a signal current of equal magnitude an operating condition of the four terminal measurement configu- ration will not flow in the in- ner and outer conductors of the measurement cable. For semiconductor measurements, the special care needed for making reli- able measurement is described in Figure This wide range voltage con- trol capability is suitable for dc bias applications in general capacitance measure- ments.

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Tujora For convenience and ease of measure- ment, eight styles of test fixtures and leads are available. Remote program codes for the A Opt are listed in Table This function is useful when performing. A Program Memory Test b. The lamp automatically lights when an Impedance measurement function is set. The other obvious advantage of the variable test signal capability is that it becomes easy to measure non-linear impedance elements whose parameters are strongly dependent on their operating conditions, such mankal Inductors and semiconductor devices.

Self Test Basic Operating Check. Special Frequency Options Bias voltage control range: To reduce such stray capacitances, a the component leads deeply a5 the test fixture.

Accessories Available Sheet 2 of 2. These pushbuttons select primary component parameter to be measured as follows: Note On basic 3 manjal ranges, the parameter values to be displayed are obtained from reciprocal parameter measurements.

Attach rack moimt flange T to sides at right and left front of instrument with screws provided. In the equivalent measuring circuit FigureLo represents residual inductances in test component leads. Technical Support Because of the non-linear impedance characteristics of semiconductor devices, a semiconductor measurement is subject to exact establishment of the test conditions to make measured values meaningful. This terminal is connected to chassis ground of in- strument and can be used as.

Error in dc bias operation: DISPLAY A provides a readout of the measured inductance, capacitance, resistance or impedance values in a maximum 6 digit dec- imal number with decimal point and appro- priate unit. Inductance is selected with series circuit mode meas- urement and capacitance with parallel circuit mode measure- ment. To obtain reliable measurement results, observe the following: Line Voltage ond Fuse Selection. This operating and service manual con- tains information, cautions, and warnings which must be followed by the user to ensure safe operation and to maintain the instrument in a safe condition.

Figure C shows typical characteristics of LCR a. To construct this terminal architecture, connection of a sample to the instrument requires the use of a test fixture or test leads in a four terminal pair configuration design. Service request status of the A: The overall characteristics of sample can be clarified from these kinds of measurements. Such peculiar variations in measured value are frequently observed during the measurement of inductive components which have ferromagnetic cores.

The total of 13 measurement functions three hl them are duplicates are classi- fied, for display purposes, into two groups: An empirical method of choosing the appro- priate measurement circuit is to infer the actual equivalent circuit of the sample from the results of a trial measurement. For a detailed analysis of the device under its operating test conditions, a low level test signal is employed In order to obtain measured values with respect to a local region around mabual operating test point selected for plotting characteristic parameter curves of the sample.

Di is measured D value of reference sample. Fig- ure graphically a the relationships of parallel and series parameters for various dissipation factor values. The effective resist- ance increases at resonance even if the in- ductor has ideally no resistance at dc. If measurement is not achieved because of inappropriate panel control set- tings or by incorrectly connecting the sample, an alphabetic annunciation either OF, UF, or Err is displayed.

Thus, the A is tailored as a stand alone test instrument which offers all test parameter inputs frequency and test voltage or current without the help of ex- ternal equipment. These specifications are the per- formance standards or limits against which the instrument is tested. Variable Test Parameter Measurement When requesting copies quote the manual identification information from your supplement, or the model number and print date from the title page of the manual.

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