Purge bulb Primer Carburettor adjustment -Low speed mixture Circle and slash symbol means whatever is shown is prohibited. Carburettor adjustment -Idle speed Wear eyes, ears and head protection Guaranteed sound power level This enclosed message provides tips for use, care and maintenance of the unit. Make sure the decal is legible and that you understand and follow the instructions on it. If a decal cannot be read, a new one can be ordered from your ECHO dealer. Do not start if the blades are obstructed by the ground or any other object. Remove stones, metal objects and any other object that could jam or damage the trimmer.

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Please read it before using your projector. Page 3: Table Of Contents Advanced features Page 4: Important Safeguards Important safeguards Please read all these instructions regarding your projector and retain them for future reference.

Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the projector. Read instructions All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated. Do not operate if smoke, strange noise or odor comes out of your projector. In this case, unplug immediately and contact your dealer. Page 6: Preparing Your Projector Preparing your projector Checking accessories The following accessories are provided with this projector.

Check to be sure that all of the accessories are packed in the package. BLANK Using the picture quality adjusting buttons When you press any of the picture quality adjusting buttons, the screen for adjusting the picture quality appears. Page Setting Up Your Projector Setting up your projector Setting up the screen Install the screen perpendicularly to the projector. If the screen can not be installed in such a way, adjust the projection angle of the projector. See below. Page 11 Setting up your projector continued Front projection, ceiling mounting For ceiling mounting, you need the ceiling mount kit designed for this projector.

Ask a specialist for instal- lation. For details, con- sult your dealer. Page Screen Size And Projection Distance Setting up your projector continued Screen size and projection distance Refer to the following table to determine the screen size. Page 14 Viewing video images continued Connecting to a video player, etc. Page 17 Viewing video images continued C. Page Setting The Aspect Ratio Viewing video images continued Setting the aspect ratio You can change the aspect ratio of the input video signal or the ratio of width to height of the image.

Change the setting according to the type of the input video signal. Aspect ratio changes Original image size depending on the


Mitsubishi HC1500 Projector



Echo HC-1500 Operator's Manual



Mitsubishi HC1500 User Manual


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