You can use the mastering effects when bounc- ing more than one track to stereo tracks or when mixing down tracks 1 through 8 to stereo and sent to an external master recorder for record- ing. In this condition, the previously loaded song or the demo song when you first use the MR-8 with the supplied card is loaded and the recorder is located at the begin- ning of the song. If a serious problem happens to the MR-8 during operation, an appropriate warning message is shown on the display. Mr-8 Recording Basics MR-8 recording manial Before starting recording, we recommend to understand the MR-8 recording basics such as the relation between the input jacks and tracks and useful recording functions described below. The screen shows the input levels of tracks 5 and 6, as well as the output levels of the stereo outputs L and R. You can connect sound sources, recorders, a monitor amplifier, headphones, a personal computer, etc.

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You cannot undo hard disk formatting. You can apply a reverb or delay to tracks 1 through 4, as well as the mastering mrhd to the mixed signals. If you use the microphone simulation effect when you record an acoustic guitar through your microphone, you can make recording as if you are using a famous microphone. You can turn on or off phantom power to the XLR connectors via the menu mode.

Bar 1 through bar 3: CUE points must be. Setting the punch-in and punch-out points You can set the punch-in and punch-out points on-the-fly while playing back the recorder as well as you can set them while the recorder is stopped at the desired position.

Before executing track bouncing, you can rehearse it. Faders Playback levels of tracks 1 through 4 1 through 4 for bouncing. When more than one stereo WAV file shown and the disc access stops. Moving The Part s You can move the desired part s of the desired track s to the other desired track s. To understand songs, imagine separated rooms as shown below. You can now select the desired track number of the CD-DA disc. If you want to make recording or editing to a protected song, vostex must release the protection first.

Clean only with dry cloth. The track bouncing mixes several tracks and records onto other two tracks. Archiving A Song PC software application for multitrack recording. Approximately two-second silence is automatically inserted between tracks. TOC stands for Table of Contents.

Fostex company digital multitracker product manual pages. The fader for track 1 is used to ad- just the monitor level. Overdubbing Basics Overdubbing is recording something new while listening to the previously recorded track s. You can apply the reverb or delay to playback signals of tracks 1 through 4 during mixdown and track bouncing. Peak hold time setting The level meters shown on the display have the peak hold function.

Basic Mixdown This section describes basic mixdown which is the final process mr8-hd multitrack recording. Read this chapter first! As with 1each track data is converted to a single mono WAV file. Please visit Fostex website http: The selected delay type is set, while the display returns to the previous screen. Follow the procedure below for listening to the demo song. Track editing This chapter describes how to edit whole data of a selected mono or stereo track.

Page Ofstex product was purchased. Most 10 Related.


Fostex MR-16HD Brochure & Specs

If u work with sound,Try one! I bought this recorder because I work with sound for cinema and audiovisual, and I needed something I could directly connect multiple microphones, was reliable, portable and have enough autonomy recording. Fostex MR8-HD answered this question. In these situations it easy to overcome these small portable recorders like H4n. I liked: Quality of sound, microphone preamplifiers very good, with great sensitivity, relative ease of operation, lightweight, beautiful, and easy to connect the computer to transfer recordings. He always append the current recording. So when I go to a set, I always create several Songs before, and I used them during my day of recordings.


WAV Manager

Daim You can select from three effect types by pressing an appropriate key see page Up to four tracks can be recorded simultaneously. The mixdowned material can be recorded to an external master recorder. Please visit Fostex website http: The following as- knob to move the cursor right. Therefore, the remaining space of the disk does not change by executing part edit- ing. So you can connect condenser microphones which require phantom power. During rehearsal and actual track bouncing, level meters on the screen gostex the following signal levels. Actual Track Bouncing Faders Playback levels of tracks fostdx through 4 1 through 4 for bouncing.

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