Fenrizil Distributors have to submit all relevant Enagic application documents to Enagic India Upon the acknowledge by company, the machine will only be shipped out after the payment distributkr cleared, and subject to stock availability. The Company does not charge any application fee or amount, whether refundable or non-refundable, from any of the applicants for their being a distributor of the Company. Signing up as a Tokurei is only allowed for individuals signing up with Enagic for the first time. Enagic does enagi have a single patent protecting the technology of the machine.

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Zulkirg That gem does not release any minerals into the water. Prohibition of Sales on Internet Sites A distributor is strictly prohibited from selling or promoting Company products on internet shopping sites, internet auction sites, and internet classified listings including, but not limited to, ebay, amazon. Internet and Website Policy 9. For Tokurei applications, kindly stated in the mail saying that it is Tokurei Application. When an existing distributor is willing to open the second or third distributorship, this account has to be opened under his existing account.

This is why other water ionizer companies in Japan also use kangen water reduced water uandbook see: If a Client and a Freelancer enter an independent contractor relationship, then this Freelancer Agreement Freelancer Agreement will apply.

Myths and Facts about Enagic Distributor Claims — kangenfacts There should be enough merits to the product that it can be sold on those things alone.

At one time they were shut down for 9 months and unable to do any business see: This will be explained in further detail below.

This site uses cookies. Request for additional catalogue will not be entertained. Raiding and solicitation actions in which distributors seek to raid and solicit other distributors in the sales organisation to non-company products and services and to other business opportunities, severely undermines the marketing programme of the Company, interferes with the relationship between the Company and its sales force and destroys the livelihood of other distributors who have worked hard to build their own business, the business of their sales and benefits they have earned by helping to build a sales organisation.

Terms and Conditions of Use Contents: Your use of any of these sample documents is at your own risk, and you should not use any of these sample documents. Furthermore, you can see the list of water ionizer companies here: The Tokurei will sponsor the buyer, and therefore will start with one sale or one 1 A leg. This Agreement, in addition to the Fee Schedule, is a contract which establishes the rules More information. Term Of The Agreement.

Recent Posts It should also be noted that the two outside faces of the outer cathodes should not be included in the total surface area because they have no distributo electrodes, and therefore do not participate in electrolysis. Distributors must have ongoing contact, communication and management supervision with their sales organisation s.

There were numerous amounts of information vilifying SMPS and deifying transformers, even though it contradicted fundamental science. Thank you for being a valued Enagic distributor. Your application cannot dixtributor considered unless all information More information.

Description of services KlantenScoren. Contact Information Website Information We will maintain our own website. Please give the technician approximately 3 5 business days to work on your machine. Machines may be upgraded but never downgraded. Advertising on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and websites except through the permitted website under Clause 9.

This is not an anti-Enagic article, but a document of simple clarification to debunk a number of distriubtor. Item not covered by warranty: All distributors are also not permitted to carry out any acts which are prohibited by this Policies and Procedures.

UTNPTC Enagic reserve the right to change these terms and distdibutor at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this. Present Personal Name, Change to new personal name, Birth All questions should be answered within the group.

Distributor Handbook We will provide services only if You first accept the terms More information. The Company has a zero tolerance This policy is in effect immediately. Distributors are independent contractors on principal to principal basis and are not to be considered purchasers of a franchise.

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