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Table of Contents 1. Weapon Skills 3WS 4. Classes 4CLS 4a. Human 4AHC 4b. Demon 4BDC 4c. Character 5. Dark Assembly 5a. Bills 6. Optional Areas 6a. Cave of Ordeals 6b. Dark World 7. Item World 7a. Specialists 7b. Geopanels 7c. Subpoena 7d. Leveling 8a. Tactics 8b. Maps 9. Thanks to everyone who helped make this guide what it is. This guide is only for the website www. Any sites that wish to host this guide should e-mail me and ask for my permission before hosting it on their sites.

So sometimes, some of my numbers may be a couple off if I forgot to check every character after every battle. If you have a correction, please send it in. If you are looking for information on those topics, please look to other parts of the guide instead. I recommend people play through the game at least once playing normally before engaging in all the extra fun stuff the game has to offer.

After the scene you will be introduced to the hero of the game, Adell. Yes, I agree, his costume is Anyways, your mother will indulge in some child and spousal abuse before laughing like a moron again and summoning the wrong person and forcing her to join you in your search for the evil overlord Anyways, you are introduced to the town map. Get used to it Your father will give you a fighter, red mage and cleric to start you off with.

So take some time to look around town and learn what everyone does. There should be a few treasure chests scattered around as well you can loot. They reappear every so often so look around every time you finish a map for more of them.

Remember to use the L and R buttons to change the camera so you can find them easier. Right now the important ones are the hospital heart and dimensional gate arrow pointing up. When your ready head to the gatekeeper for another cut scene and then select the first map. Anyways, all you have to do is kill the enemies for this map like almost And these enemies are so weak you would have to try to lose. Enemies: -3x Level 1 Prinny After you beat them I hope it will ask you if you wish to skip the story or not.

After which you are returned to town and shown the item shops and the basics of equipment. Enemies: -3x Level 1 Prinny In actuality this is exactly the same as tutorial 1, as the enemies are exactly the same, just in different spots. Use the same tactics for another easy win. Then attack the blue symbol. This will cause all the geopanels to be destroyed turns the red blue, and the blue yellow and then the yellow null.

This is good way to get equipment on maps, so keep it in mind. Like he says, it may be a good idea to make some more party member at this time as well. All your current options unless you someone have been getting experience elsewhere are the lowest level, lowest type of characters.

Meaning, they are pretty weak comparatively. Remember to equip them before you continue with the game. If you wish to continue the story instead, continue to the section after this. Uh oh, the enemies are getting equipment Anyways, you can either trounce them or destroy the geo symbol. If you want to reach it early, simply do a lot of lifting a throwing, you should be able to reach it the first round if you pile enough people.

Basically you select an item and go inside of it, as you go thru the levels, the item will level up and become much stronger. Once again, because equipment becomes obsolete quickly at the early stages of the game, even leveling up to max means it will eventually be worse than the common items you find or buy.

But for now we will continue this guide until we have to or need to go into item world. Fighter Lazy Sword -1x Level 2 M. Fighter Worn Sword -2x Level 3 F. Yes, quite a few enemies, and decent levels to boot. Your offensive characters should have some special attacks by now, so I suggest you use them to deal with the regular characters first. In any case, its nice to see your family is so sympathetic. So get your characters on the 4 squares to get a nice defense bonus to make the map easier and then lure them in.

Your best option is probably to try to destroy the geo symbols near the top to make the battle a little user-friendlier. My other strategy, which seemed to work well was sending one or two people out and waiting for the enemy to warp near the base panel, and then taking everyone else out and beating on him.

Afterwards, he will be forced into your party. He actually is a pretty good, so I recommend using him. My only advice really is to put a couple of characters out to lure the ranged combat users into close range and then take out your other characters to take them out, they should be relatively easy because they are thieves and have quite low stats. Also make use of your area effect attacks if you have them; they make this map much simpler.

Fighter Broadsword -1x Level 5 M. You really have 2 options, you can form a human ladder to jump over and destroy the red geo symbol or you can hold up on the green tiles and lure them in, the only problem is the defense boost applies to them as well, so ideally you want to be on the green and keep them off of it, easier said than done. If you do it right, between the 3 color changes and the explosion only Axel and the one M. Fighter will be left. Anyways, after a rather amusing and overly dramatic cut-scene you will find out the overlord Zenon is a comparatively nice overlord and rumors has it he has 1 billion HP and is shaped like the wind element from the first game.

The only real worry is the nasty poison the zombies inflict which takes off a certain percent of your health instead of a set amount, meaning it can be deadly regardless of health, so make sure to use your cleric. The downside is the geo symbols move on their own because they have rats apparently. My best advice is to take it slow, if you get ganged up on your on for some hurt.

And stay away from the yellow one as long as possible. Afterwards, another cut scene with angst man will appear and then you will be told you need a pass. So go up to the guy with the weird kanji symbol of his head, next to the dark world assembly girl. Unlike real life well, most of it becoming a convicted criminal is a good thing.

And doing it gives you certain bonuses. In this case, getting to the next level. All in all, this basically means we have to go into item world now. After you talk to the Go to the item world NPC the one with the curved arrow and go inside the subpoena. You are given a Mr. Gency Exit, which is your "get out of item world free card. Now, there is a trick here. Afterwards you are free to continue to level 10 of the item of use the Gency Exit. Also, at this point you can unlock the bad guy character class in the dark assembly.

Map Tradgedyland Enemies: -1x Level !! She is level So take your guys out and let her take them out to get this done quickly. If you can get someone to destroy the geo symbol early on, so much the better, otherwise this map is pretty annoying with the enemies doing ranged attacks and you not. This was the point in the game where I took off enemy attack animations since I got so tired of seeing the same attacks over and over and over The other way is pretty obvious, get someone with a high throw like a fighter to throw a couple of people to the other side and have them destroy the geo symbol.

The big benefit for them in this battle is if they are close to a monster class they boost their stats so take them out first if possible. Other than that, it should be a pretty easy fight considering the bridge makes a very good choke point for one on one combat.


Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – Guides and FAQs

Version: 1. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Stealing Basics 3A. Stealing Formulas 4A.


Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – Stealing Guide

Table of Contents 1. Weapon Skills 3WS 4. Classes 4CLS 4a. Human 4AHC 4b. Demon 4BDC 4c. Character 5.


Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – FAQ/Walkthrough

See also: Common gameplay elements in the Disgaea series Disgaea 2 is divided into 13 chapters. Players then take control of Adell in his hometown of Holt. The town serves as a gateway to story maps, side quests, the dark council, and the item world. At the beginning of each chapter, a new area is unlocked. Each area consists of multiple maps which must be beaten to advance to the next chapter. Talking to the gatekeeper of Holt will give players the option of exploring the new area or repeating any maps that have been beaten.


Mr Gency Exits are the most valuable item in this game by far


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