He finds a survivor who passes a magic cloak to him, which turns out to be a highly sought after magical artifact that pretty much any organization in the know would kill to obtain, because it is so powerful, although Teldin has no idea how to use it. So, he gets chased all over Krynn, then in later books, all over the various areas of wildspace and crystal spheres that the Spelljammer ships can get to, as he tries to find out what the hell is going on. At the end of the last book, book 5, he finally catches up to this monster ship and it attacks them! However, at the beginning of this book, book 6, it merely catches up to them and they land badly on one of its wings.

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Pros: - fun, light, easy fantasy romp - I wanted to read something in the spelljammer setting, and this was unarguably that - The gnomes were funny - My copy had typos and grammatical errors, which was distracting. Shallow, one-dimensional characters - The cloak itself is a super lame plot device. The fate of the multiverse depends on it! But it literally does nothing.

We should have been given some kind of a taste or a hint at its powers, assuming it has any. Once again, it does not The first of seven Spelljammer books 8 May Look, I am not going to give any of these books a really high rating simply because they are shameless spinoffs from an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons setting.

Once again, it does not mean that the setting or the story is bad, but then it does not necessarily mean it is good either. This is pretty much an average book written by an author who is probably more adept at writing complex rules and adventure models though I must admit he is a lot better than Ed Greenwood: wait until I start adding some of his books and see the number of 1s that they score.

Spelljammer is a setting for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game and it is set in space. When I first heard that TSR as it was then were planning on creating such a setting, my expectations where incredibly high. Personally, that was not a bad thing because what Spelljammer does is that it turns science-fiction into a fantasy setting, meaning that wooden ships ply the spacelanes, and people can survive without complex life support systems.

As for this book, it deals with a farmer named Teldon Moore who witnesses a meteorite crash near his farm. When he investigates he finds a dying woman who puts a cloak around him - however it suddenly turns out that he cannot remove this cloak.

Basically it is an artifact and the only way to remove this artifact is to either kill yourself or be killed by somebody else. Once again, it is an artifact, meaning that it is an incredibly powerful item, so surprise surprise, lots of people want to kill him to get it. This one particular story is more of a springboard to take the main characters into space, and also to introduce the reader into this new and exciting realm.

An imaginative person should be able to develop adventures without the need of books, though they can and do help. As for me, these days I use Shakespearian plays as a means of developing adventures. To view it, click here. I bought this book because I was interesting in seeing a Spelljammer adventure. In the opening sequence a Spelljammer crashes, then the story is just two guys traveling around in the Dragonlance setting for three hundred pages. There is a cloak macguffin introduced immediately, but it is never explained.

Spoilers: almost nothing changes by the end. Every character Teldin meets is left behind.


Broken Sphere, The



The Ultimate Helm


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