A los dioses no les gusta que las personas no trabajen mucho. A veces es mejor encender un lanzallamas que maldecir a la oscuridad. Algunos piensan que es pura paranoia. Nada de eso. Un paranoico cree que todo el mundo se la tiene jurada. Yo lo sabe.

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He brilliantly plays people as if he were a virtuoso and they were violins. Also, The Truth depicts the invention of a printing press and the subsequent introduction of widespread newspapers into society.

I have only read the Discworld books featuring the City Watch, and the related follow-up books featuring a spin-off character in this book, Moist Von Lipwig. He was just my type of a main character, crooked and wicked, but motivated to achieve more; aware of his flaws, morally ambiguous, willing to take a wild chance; Attempting to do the impossible, because where is the challenge, otherwise?

It is wonderfully atmospheric and inhabited by extremely quirky character. This book does not include Moist Von Lipvig. The length of time it took to read this book is not a reflection upon its quality.

In Going Postalthe enlightened despot of Ankh Morpork, Lord Vetinari, rather forcibly recruits a con man, Moist von Lipwig, to take over the running of the venerable and deserted post office, where letters have been accumulating for years — if not decades — without delivery.

View all 6 comments. Parolee Lipwig fl recreate the Ankh-Morpork post office into a going concern. Or to be better. Preview — Going Postal by Terry Pratchett.

I read it in a couple of days and for me that is a good effort! Discworld is not a fluffy fantasy setting despite being extremely humorous. The underworld is often the standard world. Sir Terry Pratchett passed away on 12th March Which was my reason to postpone reading this book after I suffered from a severe Terry Pratchett fatigue Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.

Going Postal Nothing one expects, of course. People who refuse to read fantasy novels. Three things struck me: If he has one of the most cringeworthy character names in Discworld, she has one of the cutesiest—Adora Belle Dearheart. Inhe turned to writing full time. Moist meets his match, for example.

He is about to be executed for theft when Pratvhett Vetinari, the city dictator goes by the title Patricianoffers the charming swindler a way out. Going Postal is the first book in the Moist von Lipwig subseries of Discworld wsunto, which is also associated with the Industrial Revolution subseries.

There are many well known characters of the discworld that briefly appear or are mentioned but most of the active characters are new and developed within this story. Related Posts.


Cartas en el asunto (Mundodisco 33): Una novela del Mundodisco (EXITOS)

Having watched and rewatched the SkyOne TV adaptation, I had sort of tacitly decided that actually reading the book was not high on my list of priorities. Sorry GoT fans, the Discworld was here long before you. Moist von Lipwig has dedicated most of his life to perfecting the intricacies of con-artistry, but his unparalleled streak of luck is For the longest time, Going Postal has been my best known unread book. Moist von Lipwig has dedicated most of his life to perfecting the intricacies of con-artistry, but his unparalleled streak of luck is about to meet a rather definitive ending.


#MOMOMINGO | Cartas en el asunto de Terry Pratchett



Cartas en el asunto: reseña del número 33 de Mundodisco


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Cartas en el asunto


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