Ortiz later became a consultant to a number of casinos in the United States , Europe , Africa , UK and Australasia , and was a regular featured presenter for a succession of years at the World Gaming Congress in Nevada. Books[ edit ] Ortiz is the author of books on gambling and magic. He is particularly respected for his written contributions on the theory of magic. His two theory books, Designing Miracles and Strong Magic are, in our estimation, some of the most important writings on magic written in the last two decades. The book has been broadly embraced by the professional and amateur magic community but initially met with negative reviews from the two major US trade publications MAGIC and Genii. Demand for the book has been high, despite the initial inability of the original publisher to reprint the text.

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Cardshark is a collection of card magic conceived of and performed by a professional. The material demonstrates constant vigilence towards engaging, commanding and fooling real-world audiences. Indeed, one of my favorite tricks in Cardshark "Blind Aces" is a presentation for J. Published in , Cardshark contains 30 routines that range in difficulty from intermediate to advanced, but the methods employed, whether "easy" or "hard," always serve the larger purpose of building the cleanest, most entertaining effect possible.

However, while the plots are all clear and direct, very few of them are quick. All of this makes sense, of course, when you consider the source, a gentleman who, at this point in his career, performs primarily while seated for audiences who have essentially come to see him. I say this not to disparage the contents of the book - it is filled with excellent card magic. Among the highlights for me: "Blockbuster," a novel effect in which every card that is the same color as a freely chosen card suddenly turns face up in the face-down deck, except for the selection.

The reveal is particularly nice here because, once the deck is spread, showing, say, all the red cards face up and interlaced between the face-down black cards, it is then immediately turned over, showing all the black cards face up, with one red card in the middle - the selection! The spectator then returns her selection to the pack, whereupon it is found to have been replaced in its correct sequential position! Finally, the top card of the deck is shown, then inserted into the middle of the pack, whereupon, one by one, the result of each of these actions is erased, as the deck is sent further and further back in time.

Fans of Mr. Hamman will enjoy Cardshark too!





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