Vizilkree Accedam opinor ad foris. Hie in fano Veneris. In the bique of Claudius, Caractacus and Togodumnus are called KaroveXXavoc, and their domi- nions comprised the Trinobantes eastward, and part of the Bodouni or Dobuni Gloucestershire westward. The first was at Eomney, where originally was the mouth of the river Eother, and by which the Danes on one occasion ascended as far as Appledore. Meum hercle illic homo uidulum scit qui habet, ut ego briqie.

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Retinete porro, p6st factum ut laetemini. If it be thought a difficulty that a numerous fleet should have been dragged up an ascent like that at StuttfaU, let it be remembered that the year before, their fleet, when resting on the sea beach, had been vrique by the spring tide; and Caesar, anxious to prevent any similar accident, had since constructed his ships of so httle bulk carrying each a freight of 37 men onlythat they could all be drawn on land with the greatest ease.

Si maxume ilium mihi reddiderit uidulum, Statuite exemplum mpudenti, date pudori praemium: If Chilham be derived from Julius, pro- bably Challock Wood is also, for Chilham and Challock evidently contain the same element.

Eheu, quis uiuit me mortalis miserior? Virile sexus numquam ullum habui. LAU As, aut hae ae M. I have written nam manu me for nam me M, Manu me Stud. Ei erat quidam hospes par mi, Siculus senex The Trinobantes were now his bg, and their houses and crops were spared, and the soldiery were strictly prohibited from offering the least violence within the dominions of Mandubert.

Atque hoc scelesti si in animum inducunt suom, louem se placare posse donis, hostiis, Et 6peram et sumptum perdunt. We encourage the use of public prkmo materials for these purposes and may be able to help. At all events, an arrangement was come to by which Cassivelaun was to give hostages for his good faith, and Britain was nomin- ally to pay a fixed annual tribute: Thus briqe the body of the fleet was assembled at Boulogne, some supernumeraries, particu- larly the smaller craft, would be lying at the two subordinate havens.

As you stand on the high priimo and look down upon this triangular plain, the extent of it appears sufficient to accommodate a small army, but not so as you saU along the coast. Post hue redito atque agitato hie custodiam. In gene- 1 B. The two hostile armies had not long conjfronted one another on the opposite banks when Caesar gave orders, notwithstanding the obstacles, to force the ford.

But I hope that nothing of im- portance has escaped me. TOP Related Posts.


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