De uitgave van Dargaud - Lombard verscheen in het Nederlands op 4 december Chronologisch is het verhaal dat zich afspeelt in juni een direct vervolg op het sleutelalbum Het Gele Teken dat in december werd gesitueerd en wordt het direct gevolgd door De Zaak Francis Blake dat zich in diezelfde periode situeert. Na een blik op het verleden van Francis Blake in De Eed van de Vijf Lords en een terugblik op de achtergrond van Philip Mortimer in het dubbelalbum De Sarcofagen van het 6e Continent , wordt nu meer duidelijk over de achtergrond van Olrik. Hij werkt voort op het werk van Dr. Jonathan Septimus. Septimus liet het boek The Mega Wave, geschreven met het pseudoniem John Wade, en later onderzoekswerk na.

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The first book, The Francis Blake Affair, was published in Purists immediately objected to the choice of Van Hamme and, upon publication, went on to discover some typical Van Hamme plot twists they disliked.

However the book became a relative success and the publisher decided to continue the line. In the meantime, however, both Benoit and Van Hamme were tied up on other projects and work on the next book started to lag. Finally, Van Hamme and Benoit managed to finish their album and The Strange Encounter appeared in , with Blake and Mortimer confronting mysterious alien creatures. Aubin Frechon drew the second volume of the adventure, which was published 26 November Main characters[ edit ] The three main characters of the series were already present in slightly different form in the unrelated, first full length comic strip by Jacobs, Le Rayon U The U-Ray, The post-Jacobs title The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent dwells on their early lives, showing how they met in colonial India.

Professor Philip Angus Mortimer — a leading physicist of Scottish descent, he grew up in the British Raj and is the archetypical British gentleman scholar. Mortimer was based upon a friend and sometime collaborator of Jacobs, Jacques Van Melkebeke. He studied at Oxford [2] and later became head of the British Security Service MI5 but is still very active in the field.

He is a master of disguise, even fooling Mortimer on occasion. Blake was modeled on another friend and sometimes collaborator of Jacobs, Jacques Laudy , with added mustache.

His activities have since ranged from mercenary , spy , smuggler and general criminal adventurer. His nationality, real name, birth places are Unknown. He is believed to be a Hungarian. He appears for the first time in volume one of The Secret of the Swordfish, where he prevents the two men being captured by Olrik in Iran. Following this intervention, Nasir during this adventure helps the two heroes in Egypt, then in London, becoming the butler of Professor Philip Mortimer.

His disappearance which in time corresponds to that of the British Empire remains unexplained in the later albums by Jacobs. We then learn that after leaving the service and Mortimer, he returned to India, where he went into the intelligence service.

Commissioner Pradier is a character created by E. Jacobs, whose physique was greatly inspired by the actor Jean Gabin. Nastasia Wardynska is a female friend and ally of Blake and Mortimer. She is from Russia. Sarah Summertown is a novelist-archaeologist, a friend of Blake and Mortimer. Admiral Sir William Gray is the prime minister of the United Kingdom and first sea lord and chairman of the chiefs of staffs committee.

Sharkey is an American henchman of Olrik. Razul is a Bizenjo known as Bezendjas henchman of Olrik. Jack is the glasses-wearing henchman of Olrik. David Honeychurch is deputy chief of MI5 under work for Blake. Glenn Kendall is Scotland Yard officer.

Commander William Steele is chief of MI6. A megalomaniac based on Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin , obsessed with ruling the world and willing to destroy it rather than lose control of it. Story characteristics[ edit ] Although the series is no doubt for reasons of euphony called Blake and Mortimer, it is Professor Mortimer who is often the main protagonist.

In the original series, it is mainly he who, through his impulsive character, gets entangled in adventurous circumstances. Blake is the straight man, the serious army officer who comes to the rescue. On the bad-guy side, Colonel Olrik combines characteristics of both heroes.

Blake and Mortimer adventures are characterized by a quest, most often involving adventures underground till the final ending, free and back to the surface. The story structures include some similarities: when the adventure begins certain important but unseen events have already taken place; at the beginning of The Yellow Mark, for instance, the titular character has already made himself known through various activities which the reader only learns about when Mortimer reads a newspaper about these events.

Some of the adventures also end with the characters reflecting on what they have learned from their experiences: after his travels through time in Time Trap, Mortimer concludes that rather than dwell on the "good old days" or look forward to a "brighter future", one should be content with the present. Blake and Mortimer are sometimes shown to live in the same house, sharing an apartment in the same manner as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

These series were all first published during a time when censorship of youth publications was very stringent, and segregation between girls and boys was applied with rigor. Jacobs always drew his stories as being contemporary and based on real environments, so the first few titles have a s look and feel while the last installments are decidedly s. One exception to this rule is, again, Time Trap, which starts in the present i. Post-Jacobs stories are so far integrated in the chronology of the first ones, therefore taking place in the s and s.

The art style of E. Jacobs, although typical of the Belgian comics drawings called "clear line" or " ligne claire " , is specific in its extensive use of light colors and shots very similar to what can be found in film production. The panoramic view over London by night opening The Yellow Mark being a good example.

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Blake e Mortimer

Colonel Olrik found refuge in the Chinese establishment of Miss Lilly Sing, where only morphine injections allow him to forget the torments that subjected him to Septimus. In his panic attacks he sees doctor Septimus demanding the return of his Guinea Pig. The return of Olrik. Blake and Millovitch go there and while the police encircle the individual, it is struck by an electric shock.


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