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But by , the public had become familiar enough with TV games that the market was deemed ready to play the games at home. Atari was first to the market with Home Pong through Sears and was an instant success. Enter General Instrument. General Instrument was an electronics company that manufactured electronic components for all sorts of consumer electronics: radios, calculators, televisions, and so on.

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Vectrex games in color part 1 Hi folks! So between and , no new games were developed until John Dodzilla released, not one, but a few "hombrew" games for the Vectrex. In the meantime, emulators has begun to pop-up who remembers M. Now, in December , a fellow by the name of Jason Kopp aka Arcade Jason : decided to hook-up a Vectrex on a color vector monitor, and the results were amazing!

What would be needed is a color circuit of the type used in old Pong consoles and determine which color does what. So now the craze of having a Vectrex playing in color has begun! One of many project i worked on i have too many! But now with technology that advancing so rapidly, i have taken two videos and put them on Youtube: Oh crap My fault! Vectropolis Hidden game with many colors. Vectrace: only displays two colors. Web Wars: This one too displays many colors! Wormhole: Think John Dondzilla would shed a tear or two to see so many of his games displaying in colors.

So, are you eager to play some Vectrex games in color?! Ok, so what is the "VCA" project? So long story short, i was able to display different colors on specific vectors and later on, since the space on each sides of overlays were blank, i started to it in good terms like in M.

You can see a few of these bezels from Berzerk to Y. No Joke! So the next question: How to i colorize the vectors? That my friends, will be told in the next part of this story and i left a "hint" in the first video Dark Tower so in the meantime, check out both videos and take care folks!


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It still had separate video output pins, and removed the dedicated sync pin. Datasheet AY pdf — Supersport 1-page Furthermore, square and rectangular packages made it easier to route printed-circuit traces beneath the packages, a DIP is usually referred to as a DIPn, where n is the total number of pins. The first customer for the new invention was the US Air Force, Kilby won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his part in the invention of the integrated circuit. National Semiconductor IC focusing on logo.


Interview with Gilbert Duncan Harrower, Inventor of the “Pong-on-a-chip”



AY 3-8610 PDF



(Electronic Components) AY-3-8610


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