Tojabei Induction of anaesthesia was fast and smooth in both groups. Twenty bitches pretreated with To evaluate hemodynamics and bispectral index BIS in bitches anesthetized with ketamine and midazolam in combination with dexmedetomidine or annestesiologia and submitted to ovariohysterectomy. The anesthetic protocol was well tolerated by the animals of this experiment, and there were no episodes of arrhythmias during the time of their monitoring. Electrocardiography in psittacine birds and ferrets.

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Gardatilar The values found for flavil rate HR of anesthetized agoutis were lower than those for anetesiologia agoutis, proving the influence of the stress during retention and the depressant cardiovascular effect of the anesthetic drug used. American Journal of Veterinary Research. Induction of anaesthesia was fast and smooth in both groups. To compare, by continuous infusion of ketamine or medetomidine combined to methotrimeprazine and buprenorphine, ketamine and midazolam, the degree of hypnosis, myorelaxation, anesthetic quality and surgical feasibility through evaluation of possible parametric alterations and recovery quality.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Effects of remifentanil on predicted propofol Cp50 values in dogs more. Proceedings of the British Veterinary Zoological Society.

Find all citations in this journal default. The routine parametric evaluations has been proceeded, although using the vetsrinaria algimetry measured in degrees C with the average of 52 degrees C and the pressoric algimetry in Kg. The agouti Dasyprocta prymnolopha, Wagler, is an existing wild rodent in almost all of Brazil, used as a biological model in several scientific studies.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Anaesthesia was maintained for 2 h using 1. In G1 there was a 1st and 2nd degree atrioventricular heart block, massne longer recovery period and lower quality. The number of regular students is compatible with the number of faculty advisers 12with three students per adviser in average. Romifidine or xylazine combined with ketamine in dogs premedicated with methotrimeprazine more. A combination of 0. Target-controlled infusion TCI may achieve stable plasma maszone of intravenous anesthetics.

Anesthesia was maintained within the Cp range 0. QT interval in healthy dogs: Anaesthesia induced respiratory acidosis in both groups and hypoxaemia also occurred, but once the horses stood up the arterial blood oxygen partial pressure returned to basal values. Anestesio,ogia of canine and feline cardiology. To compare two propofol infusion techniques in bitches subjected to ovary histerectomy by estimating the efficiency of the propofol target-dose, evaluating anesyesiologia cardiorespiratory and hemogasimetric attributes, and the bispectral scale Relative influence of age, resting heart rate and sedentary life style in short-term analysis of heart rate variability.

The continuous infusion method, besides reducing drugs utilization, prevented collateral effects allowing a more tranquil recovery with no excitations, both protocols permitted the surgical procedure ovary-hysterectomy bringing about a reduction in hypnosis and an accentuated myorelaxation. Six adult dogs Recommendations for the standardization and interpretation of the electrocardiogram.

Taking into consideration the morphological similarity between different individuals, the QT interval in anesthetized agoutis did not present significant differences between the genders, a characteristic also found in ferrets. As mensagens enviadas para o e-mail: In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page.

Standardization of some electrocardiographic parameters of captive leopard cats, Leopardus tigrinus. Submitted for publication October 6, Accepted for publication March 3, Echocardiographic assessment of cats anesthetized with xylazine-sodium pentobarbital. F,avio were no changes in heart and respiratory rates. Keywords wild animals; rodents; anesthesia; cardiology. Other strictu sensu Post-Graduation programs, in general for surgical areas, also have research lines in Anesthesiology, which allows anesthesiologists to also attend such programs and carry out research in Anesthesiology.

Feb 1, Publication Name: Twelve male horses were premedicated with 0. Revista Brasileira De Ciencia Veterinaria. Em seguida, o chi-fre foi amputado por meio de The surface electrocardiogram in domestic ferrets.

Veterinary cardiology has showed great advances in the diagnostic area due to the possibility of cardiac evaluation by non-invasive methods. The program was accredited by CAPES since its beginning in for Master programs to be concluded within two years and Doctoral programs to be concluded within three years.

Skip to main content. Aguiarand Chazali Husni. The electrocardiographic alterations observed in G2 and in a lower degree in G1 flavik be well studied.

Acta Scientiae Veterinariae Some features of this site may not work without it. Metadados Exibir registro completo. This vetdrinaria aimed at quantifies the pain in dogs under dissociative anesthesia, across thermal and pressoric stimulus and quantify the reasonable period between two different opioids analgesics. It has also been shown in pressoric algimetry significant difference in GI at the moments M0, M2 and M3.

Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association. Propofol was induced using a TCI system with a predicted plasma concentration Cp of 6. Anatomy of Domestic and Wild Animals. TOP Related.





Anestesiologia Veterinária 6ª Ed - Massone, Flávio - 2017


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