Summaries 3 Summaries Story of trust, relationships and regrets, revolving around five people with different backgrounds and their faith and conviction. It highlights the concept of how the creator rewards the people who believe in hard work and patience. S Alif Allah Aur Ainsaan is a set of different stories connected with each other. The title refers to the Arabic letter Alif, which the letter that begins both of the words Allah Arabic word for God and Ainsaan the Arabic word for human. The story is about the relationship of God with humans as well as about how different are the humans from each other.

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Screenplay is also written by Hayat while script composing is done by Muhammad Wasi-ul-Din who is best known for his compositions for channels series Diyar-e-Dil and Mann Mayal. Actor Shehzad Sheikh was finalised to portray the role of Basit [13] right after the finale of his series Choti Si Zindagi. Rani was just the one I had been looking for. The depth, the change, the crudeness, the rawness and the reality is something the artist inside me had been craving since I joined the industry.

Rani reminded me of why I became an actor" [20] Speaking about her role Shah said "Rani evolves a lot as she is an amalgamation of things: The walk was inspired by a lady who used to work in our house when I was a child; ironically her name was also Rani. The dialect was watching the working class growing up in Lahore. A lot of the mannerisms were things I observed in young girls begging on the street. So yes there was some character research involved at my end but everything else was thanks to the genius, Ahson Talish.

He crafted the crassness of Rani beautifully, he created her. It was an honour for me to work with Ahsan, as an actor it was a dream come true to work along a man who is so talented and understands his actors so well and gets the best performance out of them". Actor Qavi Khan was finalised to portray the role of a noble priest who has brief appearances within the play. Farhan Ally Agha was chosen to play Nawazish Ali. On July, six more cast members joined the shoot a d it concluded on 17, November During its filming it had more than average episodes under production and to run it within the season the production heads decided to release it in April despite its ongoing shoot.

The shooting was finished on 17 November Before the shoot, the title of Alif Allah was used, but during the shoot it was changed to Alif Allah aur Insaan. Shooting was extensively done in remote areas of Hyderabad , Sindh and in Punjab areas.


Alif Allah Aur Insan Novel By Qaisra Hayat Pdf

Khoob Seerat Episode 47 Alif Allah aur Insaan is the new coming drama serial, which is being broadcast on Hum tv channel on every Tuesday and the timing of the drama serial is pm and the viewers will check the promo, repeat timing and latest and updated schedule of the drama serial. The viewers will check recent episode of drama, which is given online along with all episodes of drama. The cast of the drama serial is experienced and they can get enjoyment from title song and background music, which is played with the delivery of dialogue. The story of the drama is derived from the novel with same name written by leading writer, Qaisra Hayat. The viewers will also get OST mp3, lyrics of song and other information regarding rating, today episode, and repeat timing of the drama serial. The viewers will visit the Facebook page of the drama, and they can download the OST, new episode of drama, which is uploaded there for the viewers to watch them.


Alif Allah Aur Insaan



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Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 28 HUM TV Drama - 31 October 2017


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