Along the way we have created Network Marketing history together, and started many people on the path to their dreams. As Founder and CEO, my most critical function is to watch over our company, and provide for our long-term growth and viability. This involves continually monitoring operations, marketing, and procedures to ensure that we strengthen our position, both in the industry and in the global marketplace. In conjunction with that responsibility, I am pleased to announce forthcoming corrections to the Agel Compensation Plan that I believe will strengthen our position as a company, provide for future growth, and ultimately enhance your chances of success.

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The company was initially founded by Glen Jensen, who was kicked out in Why depends on who you talk to. They wanted me to slow down the growth of Agel, which in my opinion, was a very bad decision.

The problem with these Venture capitalists is that they have minimal understanding of the Network Marketing Industry and did not understand how precious momentum is. They insisted on, and demanded control.

I could not accept this, so the VC decided to replace me. We are still in a legal battle over this decision. Basically, the lawsuit alleges that Jensen violated the employment agreement by allegedly leveraging his position with Agel to build a competing company. The lawsuit levies some serious allegations. Agel explicitly accused Jensen of lying to the company, conspiring against the company, abusing his authority as CEO and misusing company funds. Bradley right appears to have been with Agel for his entire professional career, with his Agel corporate bio stating: Jeremiah Bradley started with Agel Enterprises from the beginning after finishing his college degree in International Studies at Brigham Young University.

Higginson right meanwhile worked as an auto salesman before getting involved in Agel. Both have been involved in Agel since its inception back in Read on for a full review of the Agel MLM business opportunity. Not a pill.

Not a juice either… You would get a gel. No more waiting. The Agel Compensation Plan The Agel compensation plan pays retail commissions on the sale of Agel products to retail customers. Residual commissions are paid out through a binary team, with a matching bonus on team sales volume paid out via a unilevel. Agel Affiliate Ranks There are eighteen affiliate ranks within the Agel compensation plan. Retail Commissions Retail commissions in Agel are paid out on orders placed by non-affiliates retail customers.

The exact commission paid out is the difference between the wholesale and retail cost of the product. Preferred customer orders also pay retail commissions, with volume from monthly orders paid out residually.

Recruitment Commissions When a new Agel affiliate signs up, they are given the option of doing so by purchasing an affiliate pack.


Agel Corrects Comp Plan

Royal Diamond 10 ways to earn in their pay plan… The Agel Compensation Plan features 10 ways for their Team Members to generate income. However, your qualification to earn from all 10 options is dependent upon several factors: Team Members who personally purchase products that generate at least 50 Commissionable Volume CV each month are eligible to earn Retail Profits and First Order Bonuses, the first two elements of the Agel Compensation Plan. I will go into detail as to how each of these components work later in this review. These Team Members are not eligible for the other 8 income streams that Agel provides. To participate in all 10 income streams within the Agel Compensation Plan, you will first need to enroll at The Executive Level. To enroll at this level, you must submit an initial order that generates at least CV. Next, you will need to recruit two new Team Members, and place one in your right leg, and the other in your left leg.


Agel Compensation

When you evaluate joining a particular business venture, naturally you want to know how you make money, what your profit potential is, and what part of your earnings are ongoing, residual income. It is the most lucrative and generous plan ever developed. The pay plan encourages and rewards your efforts in these areas. Most of them are of the residual variety, and they have pioneered the Leveraged Matching Bonus, the most important innovation in compensation plans of the last 15 or 20 years. The compensation plan provides three types of income; transaction income, leveraged residual income and bonuses. Retail Profits. For people who need money right away, the Fast Start Commission allows you to get into profit quickly.

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