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A rubber coating protects the outside of the projector, which offers a set of buttons to control volume and power, and a manual wheel for April 07, 60 The 3M PocketProjector MP is definitely an office-centric projector, designed more for presentations from a computer than video playback. It has the right portability attributes - good battery life and lightweight design - but is let down in terms March 29, 60 The 3M MP feels good in the hand and resembles a cordless phone in terms of design and form. A rubber coating protects the outside of the projector, which offers a set of buttons to control volume and power, and a manual wheel for adjusting focus

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Share Sponsored Links The pico projector has always walked a fine line -- the smaller they are, the less features they typically boast.

As far as the actual projectors are concerned, but the MP and MP have 30 lumens of brightness and a two-hour battery life with SVGA resolution -- a good showing for projectors of this type.

Both are available for pre-order at 3M right now, with shipments in early October. The full press release is below. Updated: We actually got to check out the MP for ourselves. The resistive touchscreen on the device was also pretty flaky. PAUL, Minn. The 3M MP and 3M MP offer 30 lumens of brightness, an unprecedented, full, two-hour battery life and SVGA resolution, making it easy for business professionals to share presentations, video and more virtually anywhere. Both new pocket projectors were designed with the on-the-go professional in mind.

For those looking for a more streamlined device, the MP offers the same brightness, resolution and portability as the MP, at a lower price point. This projector is sold with VGA and composite video cables, which makes it easy to connect the MP to virtually any gadget that outputs video. Both the MP and MP feature more powerful stereo speakers, and an audio output, so users can connect headphones or external speakers. And, with two-hours battery life, people can rest assured that they will be able to get through just about any presentation without needing to recharge.

Orders will begin shipping in early October. Optional accessories for all 3M pocket projectors are sold separately. About 3M A recognized leader in research and development, 3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. For more information, visit www. Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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